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December 2017

Boxing Fans Pack the Expo - Thank You Boxing Fans - Francois Featured in Spirited - Leddy Speaks at LearningWorks - Castro Ranked Second Nationally - Need a Year-End Tax Write-Off? - Upcoming Events - Quantity vs. Quality - Giving Tuesday

november 2017

All-Star Boxing Returns on Veteran's Day - PBC Results at Thrive II - Castro Makes it to USA Boxing Quarterfinals - Francois Featured in Spirited - Fighting for Her Life

October 2017

2017/2018 Boxing Team - Kramlich Loses Title Fight - Down, Not Out - Sponsor Opportunities for All-Star Boxing at the Portland Expo - Upcoming Events

September 2017

PBC News and Information - September 2017 - New England Title Fight, Networking and Fundraising Event, Sponsor Opportunities, Building Upgrades, Upcoming Events

August 2017

National Women's Golden Gloves - Skowhegan Pro-Am Show Results - Annual Summer Boot Camp - Red Sox IMPACT Award - Turf Doctor Sponsorship - Upcoming Events

July 2017

Fight Results - Skowhegan Pro-Am Show - Annual Summer Boot Camp - Sponsor Opportunity - Red Corner Club - Sticker Contest - Upcoming Events

June 2017

Maine Gets Its Own Version of McGregor-Mayweather - PBC Fight Results - Sticker Contest - Upcoming Events

may 2017

Fight Results - Vote for PBC - Support PBC on Amazon - Nutrition Clinic - Success Story Archive - New Store Item

April 2017

Two PBC Boxers Advance to National Championships - PBC's Josniel Castro Ranked 3rd Nationally - Upcoming Events - 25th Anniversary - Video Archive - New Store Items

march 2017

200th Championship Win - New England Golden Gloves - Kramlich Co-feature at Twin River Casino

February 2017

Northern New England Golden Gloves - 25th Anniversary -Coach of the Year 

January 2017

USA Boxing National Championships - New England Golden Gloves - Grant Proposal Writer