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Recent studies emanating from the police department, social services, church groups and other agencies such as the Salvation Army indicate that when youngsters have a place to go, there is a substantial decreases in crime-related activities within the community

The Portland Boxing Club seeks to provide youngsters and young adults a positive alternative route to criminal actions such as theft, burglary, drugs and other street violence. The Portland Boxing Club supervises all members during meetings, training and competition, including registered athletes and coaches.

The Portland Boxing Club realizes the importance of reaching out to our underprivileged youth who might otherwise be drawn into a self-destructive life of gangs, drugs, and violence. Our organization works with high-risk youngsters, under the direct supervision of our coaches who impart instruction and guidance not only in the sport of amateur boxing, but also cultivate our youth in the area of citizenship and developing a positive sense of self-esteem.

Amateur boxing builds respect, self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. To successfully compete in amateur boxing, a person learns to confront his personal fears and engage in brutally honest and extensive self-evaluation. Amateur boxers learn attributes such as stamina, courage, desire and the endurance to outlast adversity. The beautiful thing about boxing is that once these lessons are learned, they serve as a frame of reference to draw from in their everyday lives and in their futures.

The sport of amateur boxing has given them great hope where little existed, a path to follow, and in many fortunate cases, a hand to guide them toward a future they didn't know existed.
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"To box is to face all the fears and surprises lurking under your own skin."
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